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The importance of the ages 0-2

Our Jungle Bubs group 

The first three years of a childs life is very important. They go through incredible growth in all areas of development. Our team of educators form loving and nuturing relationships with the children which promtes a healthy brain.  This also helps build upon social and emotional skills along with supporting children with literacy and numeracy concepts and processes.

The importance of 2-3 years

Our Tigger Toddlers group

In this roomour program is designed with each child’s growing knowledge and competencies in mind, and therefore there is a balance of experiences provided which are both teacher and child initiated. Toddlers are at a time in their life where they are exploring and gaining confidence, independence  and an understanding of the world they live in. They also learn about their own identities through including families and childrens cultures that is incorporated in a holistic manner. International research on brain development and early learning environments proves that it is paramount for young children to be engaged in high-quality early childhood education programs if later academic success is to be achieved.

The importance of the ages of 3-5

Our Sunshine Preschooler's group 

At this age, children have developed the foundations to learning from the previous room they have transitioned from.  This room is important in extending upon these foundation skills to the next level. At this age they are learning to understand about their feelings and needs of ohers and showing they can  show empathy towards others. These social and emotional skills they learn support the childrens ongoing development and effects their mental health and wellbeing for now and their future.


Resilience is also a main factor that is focussed upon in this classroom as building resilience for children teaches children how to cope with the unexpected and find their own solutions to problems that arise. In this pre-kinder group the children are provided with open- ended learning which will support children to resource their own learning, find their own solutions which is connected to their resilience, and having the ability to transfer and adapt what they have learnt from one context to the next. They are given opportunities to problem solve, explore and investigate which are embedded into the preschool program.



Jungle Bubs


Tiger Toddler's


Sunshine Preschooler's

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Before having a child I’ve never imagined just how difficult it could be to simultaneously mix both my office work schedule and taking care of my child. Thanks, to Learning Wonderland they are professional and friendly that I am totally calm to send my son there!