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Preparing for your child's First Day

PREPARING FOR YOUR CHILD'S FIRST DAY                                       

The first time they giggle, first time they crawl, first steps they take, first day of preschool, first day of school. There is nothing more emotional than watching your child grow. While most children settle well into Learning Wonderland, at time, some children experience separation anxiety and take a while to bounce back from this anxiety on the first day. As a parent, there are a few things you can do to help transition your child into their first day at childcare.

  1. What to do BEFORE your child's ‘first day’ at Learning Wonderland?  Preparing your child for preschool and Long Daycare: When you come to exchange information encourage your child to play in the room.  Seeing the children and Educators having fun learning through play will no doubt alleviate some of the stress associated with leaving your child in the hands of our staff. We believe communication is a process and involves three; Learning Wonderland, you AND your little one. Working together, we (all 3 of us) can pave the way for your child’s lifelong journey of learning. 
  2. Enquire about our learning program... learn about your child’s learning. ASK QUESTIONS! When you understand the programs involved in your child’s learning, you become just as confident in our educators as we are. Each of our Rooms learning activities and programs is focused on the physical, emotional and intellectual development of your child
  3. Parents’ Orientation for preschool... allowing your child to prepare for the ‘first day:’  Orientation is the first practical contact between you, your child at Learning Wonderland. It is an opportunity to establish positive relationships and is a stepping stone for your child to conquer their first day at childcare, allowing them to be involved in the preparation process will have a greater outcome. 

What to do to prepare for the ‘DROP-OFF?’

The ‘drop-off’ can be considered the most difficult part of the first day of daycare for infants (and you!). It is important to prepare your child and yourself for this emotional day to avoid any anxieties. Here are a few tips to make that process a little easier:

  • Preparing your child's first day at Learning Wonderland: 

Explain to your child that they will be going to Learning Wonderland for their first day of daycare, mentally preparing them for the day/s ahead. It is also important to drive them past to be familiar with where it is.

  • Bring a transitional item or a comfort soft item: 

Having something they love and are familiar with can make the transition a little less daunting.

  • Don’t sneak out (or back in): 

Saying goodbye is a step into creating routine, habits and reduce anxiety. Once departed, do not sneak back in. You do not want your child to have a reason to cry longer and harder next time. Make sure you do not hide near the window in the driveway as this is distressing for the child.

  • Be positive: 

If you are positive, then most likely your little one will be too and this will make the transition and first day smoother. 

  • What to do AFTER?

Leave it with us! You will see photos and messages posted on the program. If you wish to call you are welcome we recommend approximately 12:30pm so that we can let you know a little about your child's day. 

Learning Wonderland Preschool and Long Daycare Centre